4th International Congress of Society of South Asian Archaeology (4SOSSA)

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Field Reports


Author (in Alphabetical order)

Preliminary Report of Archeological Researches in the Parthian Site of Bisotun, Kermanshah

Alibaigi, S & Khosravi, S

Preliminary Report of Archaeological Survey in Kuran BuzanValley – Hulailan, West Central Zagros, Iran

Alibaigi, S ; Khosravi, S & Niknami, K

Qaleh Kaŝ Tepe, Bronze Age Sit in Central of Mazandaran

Amir kolaee, E ; Safari, M & Heydari, N & Massoudi, A

Archaeological Survey on Molla Sani, Khoozestan; Preliminary Report

Arab, H

The Discovery of new Archaeological Sites at the Bank of Kech River in Balochistan

Baloch, J. H

Archaeological Archaeological Systematic Survey of Chahar Roustayi Site in Genaveh County  

Bargahi, H; Rezaei, M. H & Hejabri Nobari, A

Excavating Lumbini, the birthplace of the Buddha

Coningham, R & Prasad Acharya, S. K

Archaeological survey on Pishkoh-e Zallaghi

Heidari, A

Archeological Survey of the Ahmad Baiglo Dam, Meshkin Shahr

Heydarian, M

Introducing Khan Lenjan (Qaleh Bozi) castle of Isfahan: According to archaeological survey and Mapping Results

Kamalizad, Z

Targeted session: Field Work Reports

The report of  third excavation season of Bisotun bridge

Khanmoradi, M

Rescue Excavations of Sar-Gandab, Seimarreh Dam

Mohammadifar, Y

The Research Outcomes of Gurgan Plain Archaeological Survey

Mortezaii, M


Farsan Plain during Chalcolithic Period:  A Chronological Development

Mortazavi, M ; Khosrowzadeh, A ; Salehi Moghaddam Jouneghani, E & Naderi Boldaji, F

Tepe Dasht: A Comparative Chronological Study

Mortazavi, M & Shoorestani, S

The relative and absolute chronology of Tepe Kalanan:

A middle Chalcolithic site in Western Iran

Mucheshi, A. S & Niknami, K

Funeral constructions of the GonurDepe Bronze Age site in Turkmenistan

Nadezhda, D & Alexey, N

Behshahr low land  new Neolithic sites: Mazandaran, Iran

Ramzanpour,H; Valipour, H. R & Garazhian, O

Excavations at Porunthal, Tamil Nadu, India

Rajan, K

Investigation of Abol Hasan kola village in Babol city based on research on written resource and archaeological investigation

Safari, M ; Heydari, N & Amirkolaee, E

Excavations at Kotada Bhadli in District Kachchh, Gujarat, India


Shirvalkar, P & Rawat, Y. S

Settlement Pattern of Early Historic Sites in Delhi and its Neighbourhood

Vikram Singh, Rewant

Kassite-Elamite Campsites in Sarpol-e Zohab: A preliminary report of sounding at Sar-Asiab site

Zeynivand, M & Heydari, M

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