4th International Congress of Society of South Asian Archaeology (4SOSSA)

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Theory and Method in Archaeology


Author (in Alphabetical order)

Bronze Age, archaeological records and archaeological documents of the northern east Iranian plateau: a critical perspective

Garazhian, O & Judy, K

A study on parthians economy base on XRF analyses of silver coins

 during Bellash III

Gudarzi, A & sabzali, M

Into the Great Wide Open. New approaches towards the study of unknown archaeological landscapes

Helwing, B

 Role of mtDNA in the archaeo-genetics studies

Case study: Process of animal domestication in Seymareh valley, based on mtDNA extraction from animal remains of Cheea Sabz,a pre-pottery site in central Zagros.

Hessari, M ; Akbari, M. T ; Zare Karizi, S & Haji Mazdarani, F

Application of GIS Techniques in Exploring Settlement Patterns of the Neolithic Communities in South India.

Imsong, O

Sectarian Contribution of Palanquins and Pilgrimages to Pandharpur

Kadam, V

Ceramic assemblage of Late Bronze Age at Tappeh Qareh Qozlou, South of lake Urmiah, Northwestern Iran

Kharazi, E ; Khanipoor, M & Jowlaie, V

Commercial contacts between the Persian Gulf ports with East African, Far Eastern and Indian Ocean ports based upon ceramics evidence from Excavations and Surveys in Northern and Southern Coasts of the Persian Gulf and Hormoz strait.

Khosrowzadeh, A

The role of Kassits in the cultural developments of Bronze Age


Mahmoodian, H

Chemical & Physical analyses on prehistoric pottery from Central Plateau of Iran

Marghussian, A. K

Settlement Pattern of Nishi Tribe, Arunachal Pradesh:  An Ethnoarchaeological Perspective

Nandini Sarmah, N

On game-related finds from Mohenjo-daro and the matter of re-contextualization

Rogersdotter, E

An analysis of ghajar and pahlavi period silver coins (DINAR), using PIXE method

Sabzali, M ; Navid, S & Khademi Nadoshan, F

Ethnoarchaelogy of land lord villages of the west of Iran( the study of social stratification)

Salami, M ; Fazeli Nesheli, H & Azizi KHaranaqi, M. H

A comparative study of the results of the reconstruction in eating habits: three archaeological sites in Asia

Sheikhshoaee, F

Palaeodietary Reconstruction in the

Human Remains Recovered from Roopkund Lake through

Elemental Analysis and Estimation of carbon and nitrogen Isotope Ratios

Singh Farswan, Y

Who were the people buried at Gohar Tepe, Iran?

Sołtysiak, A & Mahfroozi, A

Salt Men Project: Discovery of new Individuals

Vahdati Nasab, H ; Aali, A & Pollard, M

Utilization of Human Resources Bilingual and bi-scriptal Inscriptions of Andhra Desa A Select Study

Vijaya Kumar Babu

Osteobiographical Studies on the Sanjan Human Skeletal Series:

Relevance to Iranian Anthropology

Walimbe, S. R & Mushrif-Tripathy, V

The motivational network concept’s contribution to cognitive archaeology

Yadollahi, S & Yalvehi, A


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