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Archaeology of the Persian Gulf


Author (in Alphabetical order)

Kamarak: New Bakun Site at Borazjan, Boushehr Province

Afrandid, A ; Zehbari, Z & Mortazavi, M

The Archaeological findings  for Early Historic Indian Ocean Exchanges, from Pattanam site ,Kerala India

Cherian, P. J

The Most Important Ports in Ancient India     

Daulatrao Gedam, A

New evidence of Bakun period on the northern coast of Persian Gulf, Busher province

Ebrahimi, N & Azizi Kharanaghi, M. H

The Maritime Trade between Siraf and Ports across the Persian Gulf and beyond: a synthesis based upon recent archaeological excavations

Esmaeili Jelodar, M. E

Influence and Development of the Iranian Central Plateau of Iron Age Culture on the Gilan Iron Age Culture

Fallahian, Y

Terracotta human figurines from Bashagard, Southeast Iran

Hessari, M ; Sarlak, S & Norouzi, A

Glass exchange between Iran and South Asia

Lankton, J. W & Bagherpour Kashani, N

The Bashagard Project:An Archaeological Survey of Southeast Iran, Hormozgan Province

Podat, P & Hessari, M

The Archaeology studying about the grounds in the north shores of the Persian Gulf at the middle Islamic centuries

Sedighia, H

Persian Gulf and Sasanian

Tofighian, H ; Nadooshan, F. K & Mosavi Kohpar, M

New Archaeological discoveries  in The ancient port of Siraf (Persian Gulf)

Zarei, H

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