4th International Congress of Society of South Asian Archaeology (4SOSSA)

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Field Reports


Author (in Alphabetical order)

A comparative study of the oldest pottery belong to Neolithic period of Darab with Marvdasht pottery, based on archaeological survey on banooj hills in Darab- Fars

Abolahrar, A & Ebrahimi, S

The new evidence of Elymaean troglodytic architecture, Khorram-rah, South West of Iran

Ahmadi, M & Zehbari, Z

Discovery of new evidence of cemeteries called Dembi attributed to Parthian period in southeast of Iran (Konarak, Balochistan)


Alitalesh, B ; Ghasemi, M & Arefi, Z

Preliminary report of excavation at Tepe Darooghe Khuzestan and some analyses on evidence


Arab, H & Hojabri Nobari, A

New Archeological Data from Abyek Surveys

Asgari, M. R

Review in the chronology of Qazvin plain

Asgari, M. R

Excavation at Tepe Sagzabad, 2009

Azizi Kharanaghi, M. H; Moradi, N & Abdolazadeh, I

The Stratigraphy of Recently Found Chalcolithic Site, The Eastern Central Zagros (Tazekand tepe)

Balmaki, B

New prehistoric sites of northern Fars province

Primary report of first season of archaeological survey of Eghlid

Barani, V  

A Preliminary Report of Excavations at Shahrak Firoze, Northeastern Iran


Basafa, H & Rahmati, M

Settlement Patterns of Parthian sites in Komijan plain, Central Iran

Daghmehchi, M ; Shirzade, G & Sharahi, I

A Study on the Megalithic Iron Age Cemeteries and their Distribution Pattern in Highland Areas of Ramsar, Mazandaran Province, Iran

Ghorbani Maghanaki, M

Ali Bag hill; a Prehistoric settlement site in the bank of Gavrud River – Sonqor

Haririan, H

The Results of Compulsive Excavation in Monument Qaleh Gori Seimarreh

Hassanpour, A

Introduction and analysis of architecture spaces function of new-found rocky village of Abgarm

Khanipoor, M ; Ghasemi, Z & Khosravi, S

Archaeological survey in central part of Kojour Mazandaran (A preliminary report)

Khazaee Kouhpar, M & Vahdati Nasab, H

Sarfirouz Abad at Neolithic period, West Central Zagros

Nikzad, M

Archaeological studies of Songhor Rock Art

Rashidi Nejad, M & Heydarian, M

Archaeological Survey of Prehistoric Sites (Neolithic to Bronze period) in Kazeroun Plain

Rezaei, M.H ; Dehghani, Z & Hejabri Nobari, A

The Systematic Archaeological Survey of ancient site of kon-e binu (Tele Govine) and results of its chronology

Shirvani, Q

The Archaeological Survey and settled an analysis of the Rostaq rural which located in Darab township

Shirvani, Q & Kordestani, M

The Settlement patterns of the Chalcolithic Period in Kamyaran County, Kurdistan Province, Iran

Talai, H ; Karimian, M & Noori, N

Archaeology report of the Moravej site in the city of Ardabil texture;

Exploration of safavid kiln pottry and unique ceramics


Yousefi, H; Shekari Niry, J & Gholmoghani Zade Asl, M

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