4th International Congress of Society of South Asian Archaeology (4SOSSA)

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Prehistoric Archaeology


Author (in Alphabetical order)

An Introduction of the Late Neolithic-Early Chalcolithic Pottery in The Northeastern of Iran’s Central Plateau

Ganji, S

Analytical and aesthetical study of the ceramic vessels of Shahr-i Sokhta (motifs and forms)

Hassanvand, M. K ; Shirazi, R & Avishi, H. R

Study and cognition of structures and Social classes in East Mazandaran Iron Age societies with attention to burial Traditions

Kakoie, M; Rezaloo, R & Mahfroozi, A

Culture of Second Millennium BC in East Azerbaijan Based on Zardkhaneh Area Founds

Kazempour, M & Shadabfar, M

Gian Hill- The tomb number 123

Khaksar, A ; janjan, M & hemati, E

Cycles of Social Complexity in Kur River Basin

Mortazavi,M; Abdi, K & Afrandid, J

The investigation of ancient mines around the site of Shahdad

Mortazavi, M ; Bajoorvand, B & Arabmoazen, Z

A Comparative Study of the Sealse and Sealing  Evidene Discovered from Shahre- i Sokhta

Parkan, F

Identifying the settlement patterns of the Bronze Age in the Alborz northern Foothills, Between Behshahr and Neka.

Ramzanpur, H & Sharifi, M


Horse – bits of bronze exisiting  at Bonyad collections in Tehran.

Raof, S ; Hajitabar, M & Haji, F

Ancient Settlements of Tang-e Houdar  

Sabzi Doabi,M ; Khademi Nadoushan, F ; Nikzad, M & Mohammadian, M.R

The Survey and the Study of the Culture of Early Fifth Millinnium to Late Fourth Millinnium B.C in East Mazandaran

Sharifi, M ; Shirazi, R & Mahfroozi, A

Identify and study the Iron Age of Farsan Plain in ChaharMahalBakhtiari province of Iran based on the finding of Pottery

Shirazi, R ; Khosrozadeh, A & Joulaie, V



Shirazi, R; Moradi,E & Qasami, Z  

Seals of the IVB layer of Hasanlu, inter-regional trade sign

  Dahmardeh, M & Mirzaei, M

Neolithic Human Figurines in Fertile Crescent

Soltanmoradi, Z ; Shirazi, R & Taheri, S

Review of Prehistoric Defensive System (second and third millennium B.C) In North Western of Iran

Yousef vand, N & Rezaei, M.H

Uruk impression on Susiana plain pottery

Zadeh Dabagh, M & Shafizadeh, S

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