4th International Congress of Society of South Asian Archaeology (4SOSSA)

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Historical Archaeology


Author (in Alphabetical order)

Investigating financial controlling and auditing systems in Malayan site in proto Elamite age according to discovered tablets

Akbarpour, M & Abdipour, S

A study on Ramhormoz Museum Seals

Arab, H & Sorooshnia, M

Naqsh-e Rustam strait  a pathway into the pathway in history

Barfi, C

Afalle: one of the largest archaeometallurgical site of Parthian period in north of Iran

Ghamari Fatideh, M

Magnificent Collection Of Gondēšāpūr In The Sassanian Period


Ghorraeian, S

Study the Characters of Women on Sasanian Rock Reliefs

Koulabadi, R & Mousavi Haji, S. R

Discovered architectural elements of stone

From historic hill of Hegmataneh

Mahmoodian, A

Column Bases of the Achaemenid


Masoudinia, Z & Ghorahe, G

Study of winged globe in Achaemenid civilization Poster presentation

Mehrpouya, H & Golizadeh, M              

The study animal motifs in blue and white pottery from the historical contexture of Yazd

Mirkhalili, S

Study of Plants and Birds Decorative Motif of Sasanian Metal Vessels

Nourifakhr, S


Rahmati, M

The study of Parthian period burial custom in Ardabil province

Rezaloo, R & Hasanzade Gharagoz, R

New evidence of city works from Sassanid period in Gouyom city (Fars province)

Samadi, O ; Ghasemi, M ; Tavakolian, M ; Arefi, A ; Ghorbani Khamseh, M & Ghafari, R

Lion combat on Sassanid rock relief (Case study: rock relief Darab 2)

Zehbari, Z

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