First International Conference on Rural Development

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First International Conference on Rural Development:
Experiences and  Future plans in Local Development

Rural development has a unique role in national development process. Many countries share a belief that national development goals cannot be reached without greater attention being given to rural development. Toward this aim, rural development has to find its position in the country by exploring policies, experiences and contributing factors. To play its effective role in the future decade, nominated as the decade of Progress and Justice, there must be a smart partnership between the three major parties; government, private sector and the communities.  A harmonious sharing amongst these parties will ensure successful economic growth and sustainable rural development in the country.

In fact the rural development and national developments have common goals such as:” Ensuring essential needs, increasing production, food and national security, environmental conservation, increasing employment opportunities, increasing incomes and reducing poverty, enhancing the living conditions, improving social investment and non-operating defense”.

 The conference will provide an opportunity for stakeholders, researchers, academic experts, both internal and external professionals to meet and discuss the current issues and new ideas on rural development, and share their country‘s experience and research findings in promoting rural development. Scientific articles presented during the conference and professional plenary sessions are mainly focused on effectiveness, conclusiveness and practicality.

It is hoped that this conference would generate innovative thinking on rural development, identify elements for a longer term research agenda to fill critical gaps in knowledge on these issues and lay out the key requirements to strengthen the local communities and national development in an era of rapid technological change and globalization.

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