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4th Iranian Joint Congress on Fuzzy and Intelligent Systems

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Special Topics on Fuzzy Systems:

  •   Fuzzy sets  and Fuzzy Mathematics

  •   Fuzzy Mathematical Analysis

  •   Fuzzy Algebra

  •   Fuzzy Topology and Geometry

  •   Fuzzy Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing

  •   Fuzzy Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems

  •   Operations Research, Optimization and Decision Making in Fuzzy and Uncertain Environments

  •   Application ofFuzzy Systems in Management, Industrial Engineering and Knowledge Science

  •   Fuzzy Statistics and Probability and Fuzzy Data mining and Cluster Analysis

  •   Fuzzy Expert and intelligent systems

  •    Application of Fuzzy Systems in Science and Engineering

  •   Software Design for Fuzzy Systems

  •   Fuzzy Robotics, Control and Logic

Special Topics on Fuzzy Intelligent Systems:

• Methods:

  •  Soft Computing & Metaheuristic Search
  •  DataFusion
  •  Semantic Web and Semantic intelligence

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