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4th International Congress of Society of South Asian Archaeology (4SOSSA)

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1st circular


1st circular               

4th International Congress of Society of South Asian Archaeology


On behalf of the organizing committee, we warmly invite all archaeologists and scholars working on topics related to Archaeology of South Asia and Iran to participate 4th International Congress of Society of South Asian Archaeology (4SOSAA). This important event will be held in Sistan and Baluchestan University, which is located in Zahedan, administrative center of Sistan and Baluchestan Province in southeast Iran between 15 and17 April 2012.


It will be organized jointly by Archaeological Sciences Research Center (ASRC) of University of Sistan and Baluchestan. and the Society of South Asian Archaeology (SOSAA).

The main aim of SOSAA is to bring Archaeologists, Historians, Anthropologists and other Archaeological Scientists of South Asia which also includes Iran on one platform, so that some of the common issues related to population movement, culture and trade exchanges and impact of climate on cultures can be meaningfully discussed. This will provide an ample opportunity to exchange data and idea and insights into new discoveries made in the last couple of years in South Asia. It has been realized that the study of Archaeology and History in a single South Asian country without considering the entire South Asia becomes meaningless as there is common cultural heritage which is interlocking. In the past, South Asian Archaeology was discussed mostly outside South Asia by the scholars from other countries and hence there was hardly any benefit to the young archaeologists in South Asia. The previous three conferences of SOSAA were highly successful because of direct interaction and dialogue between scholars from different South Asian Countries.


Important Dates:

1st June 2011,
1- Online Registration opens
2- Proposals for sessions, roundtables and workshops can be submitted

1st  July 2011, paper and Poster submission opens

1st August 2011,  Deadline for session, roundtable and workshop proposal

31st December 2011,  paper and poster abstract Submission closes

15-17 April 2012, 4SOSAA 


1-      Field Work Reports
2-      Theoretical Archaeology
3-      Scientific Methods in Archaeology
4-      Archaeology of Stone Age
5-      Prehistoric Archaeology
6-      Historical Archaeology
7-      Islamic Archaeology and Art
8-      Archaeology of the Persian Gulf

We would welcome proposal of new topics. As stated above, 1st August 2011 is Deadline for session, roundtable and workshop proposals.


Guidlines for Authors

Papers are invited on the topics outlined and others falling within the scope of the meeting. Abstracts of no more than 300 words should clearly state the purpose, results and conclusions of the work to be described in the final paper.

The abstract must be capable of standing alone so may contain no text or figure references, no bibliographic citations, and no footnotes.

We strongly encourage the submission of abstracts electronically, by signing up in the left side of the main page. Please follow the instruction carefully. If you face problem, please do not hesitate to contact us through this email: .
Please include your name, full address and conference topic on all submissions

Posters should be no larger than 0.6m x 0.9m (A1) in size and should be in portrait format.

Please bring pins to fix your poster to your board.


Please visit this site for more information:


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