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3rd International Congress on Water Desalination: Application of Advanced Technologies in Unconventi

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Previous Congresses
The first international congress and workshop on desalination of brackish water, and wastewater treatment was held in June 19-21, 2012 with the support of the Islamic Development Bank, cooperation of the Regional Center for Science and Technology Transfer of the Indian Ocean countries and cooperation and hosting of Shahid Abbaspour University of Water and Power Industry.

Aims and scope of the first congress:
Membrane systems operation and maintenance
Major problems of membrane systems and methods to resolve it
Mechanical and thermal desalination processes
Energy consumption and methods to reduce it in membrane and thermal systems
Use of renewable energy sources in water treatment
Dehydration and related problems
Pre-treatment requirements of desalination plants
Membrane system applications for municipal wastewater treatment
Desalination and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) systems
Application of new technologies for desalination, recycling and treatment of municipal wastewater and sewage
Hybrid technologies for the treatment of municipal wastewater and brackish / brine water
Methods to increase efficiency and reduce energy consumption in desalination and water treatment systems
Management of desalination technology
Simultaneous production of water and electricity (Combined Heat and Power, CHP) and its benefits

The 2nd international workshop, conference and exhibition on desalination was held in October 20-22, 2014 by Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology (IROST) with the support of the Islamic Development Bank, Regional Centre for Science and Technology Transfer for Indian Ocean Rim Association (IORA), and the universities of Tehran, Shahid Beheshti, Tarbiat Modares and the Regional Center of Desalination and Environment.

Aims and scope of the second congress:
Energy minimization in desalination plants (recent developments)
Development of new membranes in membrane desalination processes
Application of renewable energy in water desalination
Forward osmosis, reduction of energy and costs
Management of brine in RO plants
Desalination policies and regulations
CHP and hybrid systems in water desalination
New developments in feed water intake, pretreatment and post-treatment
Emerging, innovative and new ideas in desalination technologies
Nanotechnology in water desalination
Modeling and simulation of desalination plants
International desalination projects (recent experiences)
Troubleshooting of desalination plants (membrane service life, fouling, algae in SWRO, scaling, corrosion, …)
Inland desalination
Environmental impacts of desalination plants
Countries’ problems in water desalination, technology, solutions and technology transfer

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